Episodes 45-50 + Opening/Ending

Episodes 45-50 raws were the bluray release that were up on nyaa. They were re-encoded to a smaller size (kept the resolution) with extremely minor de-noising. The opening and ending songs were not re-encoded since they're not that big anyway.

TRANSCRIBED LINES 🌹 ⛅ ♫ for anyone who's learning Japanese or whatever reason!
Episodes 45-50 / mediafire link altEp 1-10 |   Ep 11-20 | Ep 21-30 | Ep 40+mediafire txt link for 1-40+

dl fonts:

subs for 1-45 that match japanese tv airing (same frame rate as bluray release)
If anyone wants to shift times and adjust the typesetting/timing to the bluray version, feel free to do that!
Japanese tv airing matches the frame rate of the blu-ray so all you need to do is shift the timing. I recommend potplayer or kmplayer for shifting the times. for potplayer press < and > and for kmplayer press [ and  ] to shift times. I don't think either of these players will show the fonts or the typesetting. you could also download aegisub to shift the times then watch it on media player classic to see the fonts and typesetting.

subs for 46-50
If you already have the bluray files, you can just download the subs and fonts and watch it on media player classic to render the typesetting etc.

italian subs from bluray

subtitles for eps 1-27  from shindoi releases based on Spanish DVD.
episodes 1-13 have Korean subs in addition to English and Spanish subs.
episodes 1-27 have englisih and spanish subs
https://www.mediafire.com/file/90ubchjbvt5l31p/dvd-1-27-kor-spanish-eng.zip/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/90ubchjbvt5l31p/dvd-1-27-kor-spanish-eng.zip/file
THEY DO NOT MATCH THE FRAMERATE OF THE BLURAY RELEASE. This means that even if you shift the times, the subtitles will never match the audio/video. to convert the framerate open aegisub, file, export, select transform framerate, input framerate 23.976 / output framerate consant- 25 then export as .ass or .srt. then you still need shift the times either in aegisub or kmplayer or potplayer. if it still does not match, start over and try flip-flopping the last step input framerate 25 / output framerate consant- 23.976.



EPISODES 1-44 are COMPLETE and we just need distro to make a batch torrent or batch torrents!!!

RECRUITING JAPANESE TO ENGLISH TRANSLATORS & an editor & distro for episodes 45-65 forty five to sixty five: The requirement is that you can translate at least 60% of the dialogue. The rest will be handled by someone else ~ the work flow is spanish subs/dub translated to english to keep the timing, then japanese to english. CONTACT IS LOCOPORCHICHO * HOTMAIL.COM
Surprisingly, the blu ray is being released for this anime for its 35th anniversary! If anyone wants to buy then (2 sets for the 65 eps) go to cdjapan.co.jp. I've bought from there before several and I have no complaints. I'm so surprised that they are releasing a blue-ray because they never even released DVDs for this in Japan. ACTUALLY AMAZON IS CHEAPER!

The anime aired on FUJI TV in 1981-1982 on SundayS at 6pm. IT had good ratings like
16.9%  13.9%  12.5%  12.7%  15.6%  11.7%  13.1%  12.8%  14.9%  12.1%  13.6%  13.0%  *9.8%  ダッシュ勝平/FUJI日18:00
according to 2-ch. Apparently, Wikipedia is exaggerating when it said something like around 20%. This anime was considered a success for tatsunoko productions.

For the spanish dvd version, all the episodes contain the SPANISH dub, japanese dub, english subtitles, and spanish subtitles. The spanish subs are from the spanish dvd and ocr'd so there are mistakes. Episode 1-13 ALSO CONTAIN
Korean Subtitles and I got permission from the korean fansub translator to include them.
japaenseJAPANESE BROADCASTING VERSION (wow the frame is really cut off)

Regarding encoding all I did was crop, resize so it's 4:3 ratio (but that's not correct anyway because the frame is kinda chopped off to start out with which you can tell by comparing a SPECIFIC frame with the Japanese TV airing), LIGHT de-noising, and de-interlacing. If it looks like crap that's probably because it looked like crap on the original Spanish DVD.  I hate it when people overfilter when encoding anime as much as the next person. I did not touch brightness, contrast, etc. like for episode 5 -8 it looks like too much contrast or brightness or something and that is just the  way it looks on the DVD. Be assured that I did the bare minimum. I did not touch the audio file.
Episodes 32 and up were first translated from Spanish to English using the Spanish subs so that we start with timed subs. Then using those subs, the dialogue was translated from Japanese to English. All the Japanese to English translation was done using the Japanese broadcast video files since sometimes  the audio is messed up or cut-off on the Spanish DVD. So if you have any doubts about the subs that don't seem to match the audio while watching the DVD version and it bothers you, go check out the Japanese Broadcast version. Also we got help from the manga (all volumes became available via the internet ! ) and Japanese people for ambiguous/hard to catch lines. These were collected on evernote for anyone that's interested.

TRANSCRIBED LINES 🌹 ⛅ ♫ for anyone who's learning Japanese or whatever reason!
Ep 1-10 |   Ep 11-20 | Ep 21-30 | Ep 40+
mediafire txt link for 1-40+

SCREENSHOTS OF MANGA that were referenced

Here is the list of things that are included in the Japanese TV airing and stuff that are cut out from the Spanish DVD and other miscellaneous information!
EPISODEs  1, 12, 23, 34 CONTAIN the opening
episodes 11, 22,33 CONTAIN the ending song

episodes 1-11, 13, 33, 44 contain the episode preview

episode 16 features a song &
the actual lyrics were obtained from photos of a cd jacket featured in a youtube video. there is this one gibberish engrish line that made me go wtf

FOR episode 17 a scene is cut off AROUND the 14 minute 30 second mark
For episode 24 a scene is cut off around the 5 minute 0 second mark
for EPISODE 31:
AUDIO sync IS kinda OFF  and video looks like crap

episode 34 scene at 21 minute mark CUT OUT

ep 44 looks like crap!

Episode 5 has the ending song included by mistake!

Translation note expansion:
for ep 3 the horror story was mentioned but that stories been told many times so one version was linked in the episode but there's another version available on aozora bunko.

http://tinyurl.com/sara-yasiki <- horror and very short
http://tinyurl.com/sara-yashiki < - romance version. Well-written! IT'S MUCH LONGER than the the other version.
you can read it online FOR FREE on the aozora bunko webiste.
here's how to convert it to kindle format . the last step is to email the file to your kindle rather than moving it over from the usb connection if you want to look up stuff on the dictionary on the kindle.

Random crap:
Links to listen to full versions of the opening and ending songs

ending song  http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/nm12710640
opening song www.nicovideo.jp/watch/nm12710501

2-ch copy paste



160 :名無しか・・・何もかも皆懐かしい:2008/09/03(水) 18:02:37 ID:w7ckB5sb


16.9%  13.9%  12.5%  12.7%  15.6%  11.7%  13.1%  12.8%  14.9%  12.1%  13.6%  13.0%  *9.8%  ダッシュ勝平/FUJI日18:00


to watch fansubs get
CCCP  http://www.cccp-project.net/
USE media player classic or kmaplyer

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The song at 5: 49
she was saying let's try target! the lyrics are up :)
NOT let's try again... but even now it sounds like she's let's try again. lol.
and to be honest let's try again MAKES MORE SENSE. lol.
the song that was featured on one of the eps from 1-30. was it ep 30? It's such a nice song. I love my 80s japanese music. it has as certain charm :)

side b is here

 ダッシュ勝平 ベストヒット曲集
  LP 1981・11 日本コロムビア株式会社 CZ-7156

  1. 見たいもの見たい 作詩:伊藤アキラ/作曲:はやしこば/編曲:川上了/歌:KiKi

  2. The Rival 作詩:伊藤アキラ/作曲:はやしこば/編曲:いちひさし/歌:大倉正丈、ザ・チャープ

  3. 男の魅力は秘技で決め! 作詩:柳川茂/作曲:はやしこば/編曲:いちひさし/歌:田中真弓、こおろぎ'73

  4. ダッシュ勝平スーパースター 作詩:伊藤アキラ/作曲:伊豆一彦/編曲:伊豆一彦/歌:KiKi、ザ・チャープス

  5. 誠一郎の恋 作詩:伊藤アキラ/作曲:はやしこば/編曲:いちひさし/歌:こおろぎ'73

  6. Let's Try Target 作詩:津田義彦/作曲:津田義彦/編曲:川上了/歌:KiKi、ザ・チャープス

  7. 青春ロックンロール 作詩:さがらよしあき/作曲:はやしこば/編曲:いちひさし/歌:KiKi、こおろぎ'73

  8. 勝平 My Love 作詩:伊藤アキラ/作曲:伊豆一彦/編曲:伊豆一彦/歌:かおりくみこ、ザ・チャープ

  9. ひと目ぼれハイスクール・レディ 作詩:山本正之/作曲:山本正之/編曲:川上了/歌:KiKi、ザ・チャープス

  10. 青林高校おもいつき音頭 作詩:山本正之/作曲:山本正之/編曲:川上了/歌:田中真弓、こおろぎ'73

  11. あかね色の雲 作詩:津田義彦/作曲:津田義彦/編曲:川上了/歌:こおろぎ'73

  12. 青春ダッシュ! 作詩:伊藤アキラ/作曲:はやしこば/編曲:川上了/歌:KiKi

I took all screenshots of the pictures in case this video gets removed etc etcfor whatever reason. I will put the pics up shortly! I've also sent the youtube a message to send the actual pics and hopefully he'll respond to me!

7Z version http://www.mediafire.com/download/e5u3vs6zdtd56y5/appei.7z
ダッシュ勝平 歌詞 ↑ 挿入曲など。

these song lyrics from the cds are a god-send. you cannot catch some of these lyrics with the preposterous english and whatnot.
Of course the vids got removed! no surprise there... thanks youtube. but luckily i saved the screnshots! :) and my computer did not crash since then which was 2012 of may or march or something.

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wanted to post a few links.... it's like people who have raws to anime that havent been subbed yet.
they should like make a site where people tell other peopl what raws they have so if by some chance there is someone who wants to translate they can contact each other...... if people don't even know the raws are available.... how will they ever get subbed

http://forum.live-evil.org/index.php/topic,1266.msg15375.html#msg15375 I have galen's e-mail address if you want to contact him.
so to contact him contact my e-mail is locoporchicho@hotmail.com as the post below says..........
http://z8.invisionfree.com/mSubs/index.php?s=37bbe8166a1a8a02fb1050f31cfe2062&act=SC&c=2 has a bunch of threads with what's mentioned above...
specific thread:

i guess to contact those people on those threads you might be able to e-mail them from their profile or maybe you have to register on that ofrm to contact 'em......y ever